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Intelligence-led fleet management solution covering vehicle telematics

GPS tracking, resource management, fleet scheduling, maintenance management and advanced driving analytics.

What is 

ALTAIR FM is a comprehensive fully-fledged fleet management solution enabling small, medium, and large fleet operations to monitor, control, and predictively manage their day to day activities.
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ALTAIR FM covers a telematics module enabling you to track & trace vehicles in real-time, monitor driving behavior, ensures compliance with local driving regulations, complies with organizational health & safety standards, as well as keep track of routes.

Also includes management of preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance activities for the vehicles, scheduling of trips, dispatching of drivers, and monitoring of route compliance.

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Why Altair                

Maximization of utilization and efficiency

Monitor compliance with local regulations

Report on organizational health

Maximization of utilization and efficiency

Monitor compliance with local regulations

Report on organizational health

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Find out more about how Altair FM helped Danone  significantly achieve more with ROIs that go up to 40% in savings

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The Science behind Altair FM

KPIs are tracked in real-time and deviation problems are alerted on the spot.

The routes are permanently tracked in comparison to the planned routes and locations are captured from the field in order to keep ETAs and service times under control.

Should delivery issues arise, the module will enable a re-sequencing of delivery points,

re-allocation of deliveries, re-calculation of ETAs and validation of different scenarios as well as a re-optimization of routes based on new changes to incoming orders.

Navigation instructions are pushed to drivers (including calculated adherence to road restrictions for larger trucks) and a simple tool enables a re-allocation of missed / late deliveries to other vehicles.


Do you need to keep track of your deliveries, command & control your routes?



Do you need to streamline your last mile and fulfilment operations?



How  Altair FM Works?

Unified Command & Control of Delivery Routes​
Connected Drivers

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our relationship with our fleet vehicles was cut off the moment they departed the factory, but with the essential capabilities Altair FMS provides, now we have full visibility over our vehicles, and we are capable to do lots with the data we gain! What sets Softec apart from all competition, is that team is highly responsive to the clients' needs and that they treat customers as their own partners."    

Ahmed El-Leithy
Danone, Fleet Manager

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