Altair LM is designed to cater for a single or multi-hub courier delivery operation. It is a fully integrated solution managing the entire process from pickup in the source hub, cross-dock / shuttling between hubs up to the last mile delivery from the destination hub.

Altair LM offers a backbone for courier, 3PL and logistics operators enabling them to digitally transform. The solution digitizes and streamlines operations from order management, location-based services, e-fulfillment and last-mile delivery automation.


The platform connects directly with merchants/suppliers using ready-made APIs. This enables a seamless workflow of data exchange between the back office and your customer's management systems. Altair LM can receive orders directly from an API connected to the online marketplace or ready-made plugins for e-shops like Shopify or Magento, which streamlines the incoming orders into its in-house delivery network.


Using IoT and barcode scanners connected in real-time to the back-office systems, parcels are tracked and monitored from Command & Control room. The routing of parcels starts from the pickup, regional shipment, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery are visible live across the chain. The transportation network and last-mile delivery can be immediately empowered with AI for automated route optimization and machine learning capabilities (Check Norma to learn more).  Altair LM monitors deliveries live and predict delays due to traffic or other issues and pro-actively engage to eliminate day-to-day challenges that may occur with our Control Tower capabilities. Vehicles, field managers, and drivers are connected in real-time to ensure full automation of the pickup and delivery cycle.


Inline with our vision of transparency, we enable you to provide significant value to your stakeholders (both merchants/suppliers and end-order recipients) with full visibility. Merchants have access to their own dashboards and can monitor delivery performance. Recipients are informed with real-time shipping information, parcel tracking, and last-mile driver visibility. SMS, E-mail, and WhatsApp are combined with robotic chatbots to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. This includes automated appointment/time slot management, dynamic same-day delivery routing, and field apps that fully digitizes the return process making the return cycle much easier for merchant and consumers. Our location-based services combine intelligence with digitized field experience and data analytics to streamline the process of delivery location capturing resulting in an increase of a first-time attempt hit rate and reducing time to deliver.


Business Intelligence on top of our data warehouses ensures that we stay on top of the game and continuously improve the value and experience we offer to our customers.


Altair LM comes with APIs to be integrated with the Warehouse Management solution and has its own inventory module to keep track of stocks.

Know Altair FM Already?


Do you need a live real-time control tower solution for deliveries?

Do you need an end-to-end fleet management solution?


Altair LM supports multiple logistics modalities which may be updated over time and supports optimizing the middle-mile and the last mile in order to serve the overall end-to-end fulfillment process.Forward Deliveries, Backward Deliveries, Re-attempts, and Replenishment Logistics operations can be easily managed with Altair LM and fully automated through the activation of NORMA.

Predictable, reliable delivery times

Reduce returns and failed attempts

Live transparency and visibility for all stakeholders

Control costs while growing

Impressive customer experience

Intelligent pricing with performance visibility

Analyzing Graphs

How ALTAIR LM solution helped FMCG  customers solve end-to-end logistics and distribution problems and bringing operations to the Forefront of business 

ALTAIR LM can be used standalone, but can also be quickly connected to Norma Planning Optimizer 

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ALTAIR LM is available as a cloud-based SaaS service, but can also be deployed on-premise or as a hybrid setup on your own data centres. You can easily integrate ALTAIR LM into your existing infrastructure. ALTAIR LM can be easily customized to your needs through our experienced Services Team.

Merchants / Suppliers Management

managing onboarding, service subscription  cycle of merchants based on various delivery plans  

Pickup/Delivery Order Management

uploads, APIs for direct integration or read-made plugins for Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and other eShops

Location Management

Intelligent Geo-locator for location capturing (using smart geolocalization, keyword-based searching, SMS/Whatsapp confirmation, advanced map tools for manual verification, zone-based location allocation, …). know more about Softec Geolocator

Shuttling Management

managing hubs and shuttling configuration to maintain fast and easy cross-docking operations between hubs 

Description goes here 

Delivery Dashboard 

Delivery Orders / Fulfilment Dashboard including access for 3PLs / sub-contractors

Shipment Tracking 

Shipment Tracking number  generation, printed AWB enabling end consumers and merchant to track their  Packages travel history any time any where 

Reverse / Returns Logistics Management

Customers demand returns as a regular option when it comes to online shopping. To ensure a good customer experience without exponentially increasing costs, ALTAIR LM provides a seamless reverse logistics operations in place.

Order Status Management

Change the status of each pickup and delivery task of order while capturing time and location of action to dynamically update operators with the possibility to cancel orders or terminate tasks. with the capability to reschedule failed delivery attempts 

Dispatching Drivers on the Fly 

empower delivery agents with mobile application to recieve on the fly pickup and delivery tasks; review delivery check list,  start task, and navigate the direction on the map; get in touch with contact person and clients in destination

E-proof of Delivery Collection

collect e-signature, scan barcode , QR-code detection, contacless validation via SMS code, capture picture of packages and delivery parcels,

as a proof of delivery to clients through mobile application of delivery agent  

Cash Collection and Debriefing

enablement of proof of delivery and cash collection through electronic channels and End-of-day Debriefing and Cash on Delivery report

Scan & Load 

Scan & Load - Embedded barcode scanning for parcel status update with the ability to print receipts 

Chatbot Management

Chatbot for communication with end consumer (WhatsApp / SMS / Email):

  1. Whatsapp Appointment Management

  2. Location Confirmation

  3. Status notifications

  4. Shipment / Order tracking via auto-generated Shipment ID/AWB

  5. Last-mile tracking of vehicle as it comes on the way


enablement of crowd soucring freelance delivery agents and assign them to pickup and delivery tasks when ever they go online 

Keyboard and Mouse

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