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Streamline your FMCG Logistics Distribution Operations

Get proven intelligent solutions to optimize and control your daily fleet routes, reduce operation costs, maximize efficiency and collect information for better decision-making.

How Can Softec Help FMCG Companies Achieve More?

Reduces the number of used vehicles by up to


Reduces the number of miles driven by up to


Reduces the actual driving time by up to


Get Intelligent Solutions to Optimize your Logistics Distribution

Fully integrated experience from automated route planning to real-time visibility

Find out how we helped a major FMCG Company to optimize & control its retail distribution routes

Case Study - Unlock FMCG Possibilities with Norma Go & Altair DC

Power Packed Benefits for Hassle Free Logistics Distribution


Optimization of daily fleet routes and schedules


Significant reduction of operating costs

Utilization and efficiency (3).png

Maximization of utilization
and efficiency

Automation (4).png

Automation instead of
manual planning

Customer Experience (5).png

Impressive customer experience

Command and control.png

Command & control
your routes

Delivery times (7).png

Assurance of
delivery times


Early mitigation
of delivery issues

Performance Management.png

Advanced performance management


Data collection for
better future routing

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Top FMCG Businesses Rely On Us


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our relationship with our fleet vehicles was cut off the moment they departed the factory, but with the essential capabilities Altair FMS provides, now we have full visibility over our vehicles, and we are capable to do lots with the data we gain! What sets Softec apart from all competition, is that team is highly responsive to the clients' needs and that they treat customers as their own partners."    

Ahmed El-Leithy
Danone, Fleet Manager

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