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4 Benefits of Route Optimization Software for FMCG Companies

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

For FMCG Companies to remain competitive, they have to commit to keeping their customers happy.

The best way to achieve that is to make sure products ordered by customers are promptly, safely, and affordably delivered.

Available anecdotal data shows that a large percentage of customers won't even think twice before ditching an FMCG Company that doesn't measure up on prompt, safe and affordable delivery front.

Going by this anecdotal evidence, FMCG Companies need to, as a matter of survival, commit to strategies and technologies guaranteeing efficient and affordable product delivery.

Enter route optimization software.

Route Optimization Software?

In today's business economy, relying on gut instincts or past strategies, when it comes to delivery route planning, is archaic and laughable.

Efficient Route Planning is such a complex affair that one can't be competitive through manual route planning.

There's a long list of obstacles FMCGCompanies need to conquer to have efficient deliveries; they need to have and utilize the right data to be steps ahead of rush hour traffic congestions, construction road closures, to mention a few potential delivery bottlenecks.

FMCG Companies can handle their deliveries efficiently if they incorporate credible route optimization software into their delivery operations system.

The best performing route optimization software on the market is which relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce the best outcomes for businesses.

The route optimization software analyses huge chunks of data, traffic-related data especially, to come up with optimal delivery routes for FMCG Companies.

4 Reasons Why FMCG Companies Should Use Route Optimization Software:

  1. Time Saving

What's the point of investing in any technology if it doesn't save your business precious time?

With the route optimization software, you won't have to dedicate a lot of man-hours to planning an inefficient delivery plan. Such software allows you to dedicate your time to other pressing business needs while AI-based algorithms plan your route with data you can't manually analyze in a timely manner.

Now, with proprietary route optimization software designed, you can efficiently plan your delivery routes in seconds, just with the push of a button.

  1. Productivity Enhancers

FMCG Companies utilizing route optimization software have reported impressive numbers with respect to productivity. This is because, with credible route optimization software, you can tell what your delivery team, drivers especially, are up to at any point in the delivery process.

FMCG Companies utilizing route optimization software can keep their drivers accountable, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

  1. Cost Saving

With the aid of the right technologies, FMCG Companies won't have to guess what the optimal delivery route looks like. If a company knows how to be efficient with its deliveries, such a company will be able to increase its ROI, keep overtime costs in check, keep fuel consumption in check, acquire more customers, remain eco-friendly, to mention a few money-saving benefits.

  1. Agility in Business

Successful FMCG Companies understand that the only way to stay relevant in business is to meet customer expectations. Efficient Route optimization software allows the business to consistently deliver 5-star services to its customers. The data collected by route optimization software can also reveal paths to business expansion when analyzed with the right tools.

Similarly, when a company is in charge of its delivery routes, it won't have to worry about a spike in demand.

Companies without the right route optimization software may collapse or suffer because of an increase in demand.

Why NORMA is The Right Route Optimization Solution For FMCG Companies?

With an AI-based route optimization software like NORMA, which developed by Softec Technologies, FMCG Companies can develop mastery of their delivery routes in a manner that improves profitability.

Using Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing, two key disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, NORMA can help FMCG Companies to optimize logistics distribution and achieve more in an increasingly competitive and noisy market.

NORMA can be used standalone, but also quickly connected to your existing systems using APIs. Below are some facts of what FMCG companies can achieve with NORMA:

  • Reduces the number of used vehicles by up to 35%

  • Reduces the number of miles driven by up to 22%

  • Reduces the actual driving time by up to 18%

  • Optimize time spent on the road by up to 45% with service time prediction

  • Reduces operations costs by up to 26%

  • Reduces time to plan by up to 10 man-hours

Find out the KPIs that Softec Technologies achieved with a major FMCG retail distribution operation with NORMA by downloading our case study Unlock FMCG Possibilities with Norma.

For more information on how NORMA can provide similar results to your distribution operations, feel free request one-to-one demo, and one of our experts will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements in details.

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