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Experience the Future of Smart Logistics with 

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Elevate, Streamline, and Deliver Shipments On-Time, Every Time 

Your All-in-One dynamic route planning & optimization, real-time monitoring, order management solution, and driver App for distribution and home delivery services. 

Supercharge Your Delivery Efficiency with Cost-Effective Precision  
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Rout Planning & optimization

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Live Monitoring

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Resources Management


Driver App

What is 

Your Intelligent Delivery Management Partner

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A comprehensive, intelligent delivery management system, optimizing the entire delivery process. It empowers distribution, E-commerce, grocery companies as well as restaurants and cloud kitchens with efficient last-mile delivery through dynamic route planning, real-time delivery tracking, efficient order and resource management, and equips drivers with a user-friendly app, ensuring peak efficiency throughout the process. 

Dynamic Planning and Optimization You Can Rely On 

Achieve effective deliveries through dynamic route optimization. Our innovative delivery management solution empowers you to strategize routes that dynamically adjust to variables such as traffic and delivery schedules. This not only enhances operational efficiency and reduces fuel expenses but also elevates customer satisfaction. Furthermore, manual adjustments can be effortlessly implemented to align with specific business requirements, ensuring a customized and agile delivery strategy. 

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Live Tracking, Happy Customers

Enhance customer satisfaction by consistently delivering on time, minimizing wait times, and improving the overall delivery experience. Happy customers are more inclined to become repeat purchasers and brand advocates. 
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Enhanced Decision-Making through Advanced Analytics 

Harness the capabilities of machine learning and AI to achieve precise forecasts of stop and driving times by analyzing historical data. This enhances the overall accuracy and reliability of planning. Utilize advanced analytics and reporting features to gain access to detailed insights on delivery performance, and resource utilization, and identify areas for improvement. 
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Give Your Drivers the Tools to Thrive 

High-Performance iOS/Android Driver App
Task-Centric Application Features
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5 Tips to Scale Your Last-mile Delivery Operations 

Find out tips that help you to grow their Delivery Operations by including it in your Business Strategy 

More than A Solution                      Your Tomorrow’s Trusted Partner 

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Route Planning
with mixed modes


Route Optimization

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Ask Norma LIVE


Real-time Visibility


Proactive Delay Anticipation


Seamless Integration


Auto dispatch with AI


Proof of Delivery


Customer Notifications


Actionable Reports


Personalized Notifications

Live Support

Transform Your Logistics Deliveries With Norma LIVE's European Innovation & Dynamic Routing Power  

Transform Your Logistics Deliveries With Norma LIVE's European Innovation & Dynamic Routing Power  

Transform Your Logistics Deliveries With Norma LIVE's European Innovation & Dynamic Routing Power  

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