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Why We Are Here

We are one of the most innovative and progressive technology companies providing Intelligence and Visibility solutions for on-road motions to empower logistics, transportation and mobility organizations around the globe and enable them to achieve more. 

NORMA, is our AI assistant providing static, dynamic and real-time route optimization solutions based on machine learning and advanced evolutionary computing.

ALTAIR provides a set of command & control and sector-specific end-to-end transportation visibility solutions that work hand in hand with NORMA.


With our TEAM and EXPERTISE, we have a proven track record  of successful implementation for large-scale organizations, governments as well as SMEs. We are driven by customer success and pride ourselves with our success stories. 


Our Journey



Establishment of software development team in London. Focus on Windows localization for Microsoft and software development services.


Establishment of software development center in Cairo. Development of solutions for aviation and kiosk terminals with customers in Europe, the USA and the GCC.


Launch of first product for smart mobility and transportation; Implementation with customers across MENA. Expansion into UAE and KSA.


Establishment of presence in Dubai. Implementation of Command & Control + Public Safety solutions across UAE. Expansion into Southeast Asia and Levant.


Global Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist Award recognizing achievements in public safety and national security with technologies.


HQ moved to Dubai. SME Customers reach 1,000. Empowered 16 999 Command & Control centres in the UAE with Safe City. Setup of presence in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. Establishment of Logistics-focused AI Lab in Cairo.


Reached 4,000 customers and 80,000+ vehicles. European setup in Amsterdam.


Softec Group Holding moved to the Netherlands. 

Behind our Results

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How we helped business optimize their operations

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Intelligent Route Optimizer enabling you to optimize your daily delivery routes with Artificial Intelligence. Ensure compliance with time windows and business rules at lowest cost. 

Live Dynamic Router enabling you to route and re-route express and same-day pickup & delivery orders with Artificial Intelligence. Provide excellent customer experience with predictive deliveries and scale.

Telematics, Fleet Management and Maintenance Management

Delivery Control Tower for Live Order Performance Control and Anomaly Management. Supplier and Customer Visibility. B2B Delivery Driver App.

Last Mile Automation and Visibility for Home Delivery Operations. End to End Merchant and Consumer Visibility. B2C Delivery Driver App.

Customers’ success stories and  how we helped business optimize their operations .

Stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in Logistics.

Deep Dive in our talk on the news 

Industry trends, product updates, technology deep dives..

Industry trends, product updates, technology deep dives..

Industry trends, product updates, technology deep dives..

Goods distribution to key accounts and supermarkets.

Within zone or cross-zone hub pickup and home delivery operation.

Fast, reliable delivery to home from nearest branch.

Reduce operation costs, increase delivery success rate and improve customer experience

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