Bag of Groceries

Automation and Optimization for

E-Grocery Home Delivery

Get fulfillment, reduce manual interventions, track operations effortlessly, reduce logistics costs.

Give the best customer experience

Add branches and scale

Control your operations

Guarantee Delivery times and connect live with your customers over WhatsApp, SMS or your consumer app

Automate and streamline home deliveries from order taking, over automated dispatching, to delivery monitoring

Keep track of delivery times, branch performance, individual driver performance and overall operational efficiency

For eGrocery and Food Delivery operations


Deliver to home from nearest branch. Provide a fast and reliable home delivery service for your supermarket and grocery chain. Automate, optimize and control your home delivery logistics.

To Know more about how we help capture order locations, click here

Already have a Delivery Management Software?  want to learn more about how to leverage NORMA to optimize your daily routes and integrate them into your existing systems?


Find out more about how we are helping Gourmet automate, optimize and control their home deliveries.

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