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5 Reasons Why Adopting Route Optimization Software Means Happier Drivers?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

From grocery delivery to international freight, drivers' displeasure is creating havoc for companies that are desperately trying to keep their businesses afloat.

Drivers have expressed their displeasure at having to do their job, especially making deliveries, under unfavorable conditions causing delays and spending long hours on the road. This displeasure may result in high drivers turnover, low loyalty, and bad behavior at work.

These delays are expected due to traffic congestion in unexpected places, which inclines the driver to look for alternative routes that may be longer than the designated route.

Re-routing may be the solution but it has its challenges. Re-routing can affect multi-stop deliveries, putting the driver under a lot of pressure to meet time constraints.

Adopting route optimization software is a significant step in making drivers happier. In this article, we will be looking at reasons why drivers will be happier with a better delivery route planning system.

#1. Drivers follow efficient routes.

With route optimization software, drivers do not have to worry if the route they are following is the best. They also do not have to think about finding alternative routes as the software provides the most efficient routes.

Moreover, drivers are not paid to navigate routes or find alternative routes. It is time-consuming in a way. With automated route planning software, they can focus on the job they get paid to do.

#2. Drivers are readily available at drop-off points.

The route optimization software will respect the estimated time of arrival as the driver will be available at the drop-off point on time. This will result in the delivery process working smoothly and not exceeding the service time of the driver.

Furthermore, some route optimization software like Norma has a Mobile App for drivers that reminds them to take their PUS machine if there is any credit/ debit card transaction.

#3. Drivers are punctual and never miss any appointments.

Route optimization software considers various factors when determining the best routes. Some of these factors include traffic conditions, road restrictions, delivery hours, and even random events, like concerts or sports events according to map predictions.

It means that the drivers can do their job at the quickest time possible and have time to fulfill their obligations to their families and friends.

#4. Drivers no longer have to work beyond the scheduled time.

Drivers do not have to worry about doing overtime. The software accurately estimates the number of hours they have worked. They are assigned to routes that fit within the time left of their work hours by the software.

It helps the driver to stay within his hours of service and maximize his work hours, thus increasing his earnings.

#5. Driver’s needs are respected

Route Optimization software will help drivers smoothly plan their day with their family and friends as they know their service hours according to the well-optimized route plan, they follow daily. They became more in control of their time as they will have more time for pleasure, and bonding time with loved ones.

Drivers will feel respected and appreciated, which will affect their progress at work positively and increase their sense of Loyalty.

Boost your drivers’ efficiency and loyalty with Norma

Norma is an AI-based route optimization software which is developed by Softec Technologies. It boosts driver productivity by reducing the distance traveled, saving time, and increasing the delivery success rate.

For more information on how Norma can impact your logistics operations, feel free to request a one-to-one live demo, and one of our experts will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements in detail.

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