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5 Tips on Delivery Driver Training to Grow your 3PL Business

Happy driver deliverig a parcel to a customer

The advantages of delivery driver training extend beyond the drivers themselves. When delivery drivers have good knowledge in their field and the ability to act on their own, your clients, and organization will be happier. There is a shortage of professional, well-trained drivers in the business. A well-trained, efficient driver will be enough to meet up with the rising demand for 3PL services.

To help you scale your knowledge in the business, here are some fool-proof delivery driver training tips to adopt. If you are a 3pl provider, these tips will make your business stand out and attract more customers. Read on 4 delivery driver training tips to improve your 3PL company:

1. Plan for Customer Service Training

Many business owners in the 3PL industry identify with the significance of training for their drivers. However, they pay little attention to capacity building in the area of customer service. Yes, ensuring a smooth fulfillment is of the essence to business growth in logistics.

The reality is that unexpected issues can arise while delivering goods to customers. Without good customer service training, a driver might not handle these issues well enough. This might affect the company’s relationship with the customers.

Customer service training will ensure that drivers learn how to speak with customers professionally. They will be availed of strategies to wear a smile whenever a customer needs something done. This training will also enable them to handle their job with integrity and protect your company’s image at all times.

2. Safety Training is essential

Every logistics business is exposed to a wide range of risks. Accidents could occur on the road or while moving goods as a result of poor adherence to safety measures. Safety training is therefore non-negotiable for your 3PL business.

You can train your drivers on limiting in-car distractions such as music, radio, phone calls, or excessive speeds. They need to be able to navigate in winter conditions, at night, and during the different circumstances that might occur. This can be achieved through decent route planning software.

3. Loading and unloading

Drivers do not only need to acquire the skill for loading and unloading. They must master this operational activity as well because it gives no margin for error. This often takes years of experience to achieve.

Therefore, your drivers can benefit from on-the-job training from experienced employees. You can use the strategy of attaching newbies to older employees. This affords them the chance to know the ropes.

Handling packages with care during loading and unloading in special circumstances requires training as well. For instance, if the recipient of a package is not at home, your driver will be acquainted with the right steps to take.

4. Accuracy and Attention to Detail

Before drivers pick up their products and begin their delivery route, you must ensure that everything is arranged and examined. You don't want your drivers to hurry their deliveries as much as you want them to do their job properly. Before they leave, they should double-check that they have the right.

Drivers should get all the specifics right as package names, addresses for each delivery, and driving directions to arrive at every stop on their route straight ahead of time to avoid missed deliveries, delays, and customer complaints if they do not receive

5. How to deal with route optimization software

Drivers should know how to able to use technology, as adopting route optimization software can help them in having instructions or checklists through a mobile app, and in chatting with their supervisor. Using an intelligent route optimization software like Norma is a significant step for logistics companies in the industry to boost their service delivery as it will enable them to optimize their daily delivery routes.

Norma is an AI-based route optimization software which is developed by Softec Technologies. it optimizes drivers' daily delivery routes with artificial intelligence and ensures compliance with time windows and business rules at the lowest cost. Norma boosts driver productivity by reducing the distance traveled, saving time, and increasing the delivery success rate.


Every day, the logistics industry evolves and innovates. However, 3pl companies must have a good delivery driver training checklist in place to guarantee that drivers have the knowledge and professionalism to perform in any situation.

For more information on how Norma can enhance your driver’s efficiency leading to a high delivery success rate, contact us today.

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