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  • Bryan Williams

7 Delivery Management Mistakes to Avoid

Are you concerned about your delivery business failing to compete in the market?

The delivery business is very crowded due to high stakes and making a wrong move could severely damage your reputation. One rule of thumb is making your customers your priority. However, due to constant changes in the industry, a few things might be outside the control of the management.

In this article, we will look at several mistakes you should avoid when running a delivery service.

1. Lack of enough drivers.

For a successful business, ensure that deliveries are made on time and no customer misses a delivery. Timely delivery and a satisfied customer are two important factors that build brand loyalty, otherwise, customers will opt for your competitors.

For timely product delivery, make sure you have enough fleet and drivers. Most delivery companies do not hire enough drivers due to high costs but the truth is that they face losses if they do not invest in enough drivers.

2. Use of outdated technology.

Manual route planning is an outdated and slow process that slows a company's competitiveness and performance. It drains profits and is an enemy to growth.

Delivery companies face a daily challenge of increased customer base and faster delivery times. They also face fierce competition making it harder to balance delivery costs and the levels of competitive service.

This leads to the urgency of improving performance accuracy, speed, and predictability.

You can stay ahead of the competition by adopting route planning software like Norma. You will reduce costs as well as save time.

Optimizing your routes and creating a more effective delivery team will generate more profit for your business. Optimizing routes mean fewer miles, saving on petrol, reduced maintenance costs, and faster time to plan in the office.

3. Not using proof of delivery apps.

A Proof of Delivery application eliminates the awkwardness of a customer calling your office complaining of not having received their package. Without any proof of delivery, you would want to redeliver the package to retain your customer. This leads to time and money wastage which is worth more than investing in a PoD application.

A PoD application reduces your liabilities and increases your profitability. A PoD app will enable a delivery driver to capture a delivery signature and a photograph of the location the item has been delivered to.

Altair DC is a Delivery Control Tower for such kinds of anomaly management and live order performance control. This enables your business to command and control live executions of their planned routes.

4. Improper training of staff.

You should train your staff to operate per your business's mission statement, otherwise, you will lose loyalty and respect from your customers. Your team needs to focus attention on detail and offer excellent customer service.

Your staff should treat the business as their own and the only way you can achieve this is through proper training. Train them on properly handling packages and how to handle problems with unhappy customers.

5. Not updating the customers on delivery status.

Customers need to be constantly updated on the status of their package. Even if the delivery will be late your customers will at least rest assured of the status of their package.

A delivery control system provides real-time snapshots of the status of deliveries. It offers timely alerts on delivery time windows that will be missed.

Customers will not be clueless about the location of the delivery guy. Deliveries on the same location can be made possible via smart visibility. This reduces the cost of transport, fuel use and improves efficiency.

6. Improper insurance.

Most delivery companies fail to insure their company to cover damages. You need to insure your drivers, liability insurance, and premises insurance as well as package insurance. Research to get the best insurance policy for your business and make sure that every aspect of your business is covered.

7. Old packaging methods.

There are a variety of packaging boxes that come in different shapes and sizes and packing them in the same vehicle can be hard. Use modern methods by packing them in an organized manner and ensure the staff handles them with care.

Get to know which packages have delicate items and which do not have. Fit your trucks with safety belts that hold the packages in place to prevent falling and breakage.

So, what should be your major focus?

The major focus for every delivery business is customer service, quality service, and efficiency. Adopt the right technology and tools to scale your business. Identify challenges in advance and ensure a smooth delivery to enable the growth of your business.

How can Norma help delivery businesses achieve more?

Norma is a route optimization software that enables you to plan routes before dispatch. It enables optimization of distribution operations, daily plans, and effective delivery management.

It has several benefits for your business such as cutting down on service times, meeting delivery deadlines, assign the right number of vehicles, cut costs, save time and grow your business.

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