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5 Benefits of White Glove Delivery Service on your Ecommerce Business

A worker delivering White Glove Delivery to home

The pandemic brought unprecedented change to industries across the globe in an extremely short amount of time. While online shopping and product delivery was already growing over the last decade, the online retail world exploded at the start of the pandemic and many consumers have permanently shifted to online purchases delivered directly to the home, especially for big purchases like furniture.

As more and more products are delivered, it is now more important than ever to offer white glove delivery as a premium delivery service.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery refers to the premium shipping service that involves more than just delivering something to a person’s home; on top of that, those providing a white glove delivery will often inspect and unbox the product and move it into the correct room in the home. Depending on the product, more services may also be provided, like installation or assembly.

Customers expect convenience and high-quality work from those performing a white glove delivery; they are ready to pay premiums to review a high-end service.

What aspects of White Glove Delivery Exist?

There are a variety of different potential aspects of a white glove delivery that will be discussed throughout this article. For example:

  1. When products are shipped with a personalized white glove delivery, the product will be treated delicately and will often be specially protected, with care taken to ensure that neither the box nor the product is damaged.

  2. Upon delivery, the product should be inspected to make sure there are no defects and that the product arrived in perfect condition.

  3. Depending on the level of service being offered, the item may be unboxed and installed in the customer’s location of choice.

Benefits for eCommerce businesses of Offering White Glove Delivery

  • Improved consumer experience: Offering great service and ensuring that the customer has had all of their questions answered will help make sure that the product is ready for use.

  • Customer convenience: Customers will feel more confident about their purchases and about using their new products when they see the products professionally installed and can have their questions expertly answered in person.

  • New revenue stream: White-Glove delivery service can be offered to select consumers at a premium price and efficiently monetized. White-Glove delivery services can give enterprises an edge over competitors who can offer only standard modes of delivery.

  • Reducing the risk of damage: Since so many high-end items are now being purchased online, it’s imperative that these items are available with white glove delivery; many expensive items, like large TVs, treadmills, and couches, require professional installation.

Customers purchasing high-end items are happy to pay a premium when receiving excellent, time-saving services. Offering this service allows the deliverer to inspect the item and verify that it is not damaged upon delivery, which can reduce product returns and save money. The service is another income stream available to delivery companies that seek to diversify their revenue.

  • Trusted delivery service: The greatest advantage of White Glove delivery is that it provides a peaceful experience for consumers. Once ordered, consumers can be fully assured of reliable delivery. And with White Glove deliveries, it doesn’t just end with delivering the product. The product is unpacked, assembled, or installed, Consumers can ask product-related questions and communicate any feedback they have on the delivered product.

The role of technology in White Glove Delivery

Purchasing items online from an eCommerce website or application may be far more convenient and easy for the consumer, but the logistics of expanding an array of delivery trucks and drivers can seem daunting, especially when offering white glove delivery.

Technological advances make it simpler for logistics managers as route optimization software can help them meet delivery deadlines, improve customer experience and also generate more profit by cutting operational costs.

Norma is an AI-based route optimization software that assists eCommerce businesses in developing effective and optimal routes to help in shipping fragile items that can be damaged.

Norma makes it simpler for logistics managers as they will help ensure safe and on-time delivery of valuable products. it helps logistics managers optimize the best available routes, the most efficient number of trucks and drivers, and the optimal way to fill delivery trucks and vans with packages.

On top of that, Norma allows both the eCommerce company and the customer to receive real-time updates on the location of delivery drivers, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction throughout the shipping process.

In addition, using a delivery control system enables eCommerce managers to monitor their delivery operations and command & control the execution of planned routes live.

For more information on how AI-based route planning and monitoring software can help eCommerce businesses in optimizing their shipping services, contact us today.


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