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How to be a Logistics Winner in 2022?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Global supply chain shortage has been disrupted in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced the levels of production, and more recently because of Ukraine’s crisis.

Due to the global scale of production, small changes in both the primary material sourcing, as well as the sourcing of manufactured goods can lead to an increase in both the price to get goods from one place to the next, as well as the speed with which the necessary goods can reach their destination.

To be among the 2022 logistics winners, you need to handle supply chain disruptions, delays and utilize the best logistics technology available. Here are some tips to help you win in 2022:

1. Transparency and Cross-Cooperation through digital technologies

Supply chains work often work on both a local and global scale. This means that different manufacturers and distributors will need to cooperate with their logistics in order to smooth out any delays and extra costs in operations.

Companies don’t have a culture of relying on cross-company collaboration. Cooperation with other manufacturers, distributors, or logistics service providers, for example, in transport, manufacturing, and inventory management, on the other hand, might offer significant competitive advantages.

Through proper logistics technology and cooperation between all parties’ inventory information, sales figures, transportation and production data, and other information can be shared and monitored by the interested parties through digital technologies. Based on the data better collaborations built on transparency and trust can be developed and thus, help companies develop a competitive advantage in their field.

2. Switching to hybrid vehicles

Having the right type of vehicle is crucial. With the rising prices of fuel and the increased costs of hired labor, it might often feel like automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are the best option based on your logistics technology usage. However, there are situations when you might need a human driver and others when automated vehicles are better.

The best middle ground between these two is having a hybrid vehicle fleet. Hybrid vehicles allow for many features including a real-time transport control system which allows for optimal usage and capacity of your vehicles. From the perspective of logistics technology, these vehicles are both time and money-saving.

3. Logistics technology automation

The biggest change brought on by the pandemic to logistics technology has to do with the increase in digitization and automation. A key part of digitization that many don’t seem to realize has to do with the levels of adaptability. Companies with agility can quickly make changes to their supply chain based on both unexpected situations and expected forecasts.

The introduction of AI technology in logistics operations for example can allow for better route planning and constant monitoring of routes and deliveries. As such, the routes can be optimized immediately following an unexpected delay in a certain road, or higher demands in one area.

AI technologies such as Norma, a Route Optimization Software with a focus on delivery route planning, and Altair DC, a Delivery Management Software with a focus on delivery route execution can help you optimize your routes and delivery for faster and more accurate transportation.


Logistics technology in 2022 is all about transparency and the ability to monitor data consistently. Companies that want to have a competitive advantage will need to focus on cross-company cooperation and optimization strategies in both their manufacturing and transportation.

Automation is key as it will allow for more agility so that they can combat unexpected disruptions. This is why to win the logistics technology game in 2022 companies will need high levels of both digital technologies and AI tools.

For more information on how to handle supply chain disruptions, delays and utilize the best logistics technology available, contact us today.


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