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Navigating MENA's White Friday Delivery Obstacles with Dynamic Routing

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the shopping habits of consumers. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, one phenomenon that has gained immense popularity is the "White Friday" season, a local rendition of the globally recognized White Friday. During this time, customers eagerly await irresistible deals and discounts, resulting in a surge in online orders. While this presents a significant opportunity for businesses, it also poses several challenges for logistics companies, especially when it comes to last-mile delivery.

In this blog, we will explore the challenges faced by logistics companies during the White Friday season and discuss how dynamic routing, represented by Norma LIVE, can be the key to effectively overcoming these hurdles.

Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies

  • Increased Demand

The White Friday season witnesses a skyrocketing demand for online orders, placing immense pressure on logistics companies to fulfill deliveries within tight timeframes. This sudden surge in volume can strain existing delivery networks and lead to potential delays and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Peak Traffic Congestion

With more customers shopping online, roads become congested with delivery vehicles, private cars, and pedestrians. This congestion can significantly hamper delivery efficiency, causing delays and increasing the risk of accidents.

  • Capacity Limitations

Logistics companies must grapple with limited resources, including delivery vehicles and personnel, to meet the heightened demand during the White Friday season. This shortage can lead to difficulties in managing increased order volumes and meeting delivery deadlines.

  • Dynamic Delivery Time Windows

During peak seasons, customer expectations for faster delivery times become more demanding. Logistics companies need to adapt to dynamic delivery time windows while ensuring efficient route planning to meet customer expectations without compromising on service quality.

Dynamic Routing as the Solution

Norma LIVE's dynamic routing system offers a comprehensive solution to address the last-mile delivery challenges faced by logistics companies during the White Friday season. Here's how it can revolutionize the delivery process:

  • Real-Time Traffic and Weather Updates

Norma LIVE integrates real-time traffic and weather data to provide accurate insights. By constantly monitoring road conditions, the system can dynamically adjust delivery routes to avoid congested areas, roadblocks, or adverse weather conditions, ensuring timely deliveries.

  • Optimal Route Planning

With advanced algorithms, Norma LIVE optimizes delivery routes based on multiple factors such as traffic patterns, distance, and delivery priorities. This enables logistics companies to efficiently allocate resources, minimize travel time, and enhance overall delivery performance.

  • Adaptive Delivery Schedules

During peak seasons like White Friday, Norma LIVE's dynamic routing system allows logistics companies to adapt delivery schedules in real-time. This flexibility enables efficient resource allocation, load balancing, and the ability to handle sudden changes in customer demands.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Norma LIVE's visibility feature empowers logistics companies to provide real-time updates to customers about their delivery status. The system's accurate ETA predictions and proactive notifications help manage customer expectations, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Scalability and Integration

Norma LIVE is highly scalable, allowing logistics companies to seamlessly accommodate increased delivery volumes during peak seasons. The system can integrate with existing logistics infrastructure, making it a cost-effective solution that enhances operational efficiency.


The White Friday season in the MENA region brings immense opportunities for businesses but also presents significant last-mile delivery challenges for logistics companies. With the dynamic routing capabilities offered by Norma LIVE, these challenges can be effectively addressed. By leveraging real-time data, optimizing routes, adapting delivery schedules, and enhancing the overall customer experience, logistics companies can navigate the complexities of the peak season with confidence.

As the demand for online shopping continues to grow, embracing dynamic routing solutions like Norma LIVE becomes crucial for logistics companies aiming to stay competitive and deliver exceptional service during the White Friday season and beyond.

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