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Norma LIVE Strategies for Managing High Volume Eid Al-Adha Orders in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, the data indicates a significant increase in online Eid al-Adha gift spending. 47% of KSA residents plan to spend more this year compared to last. Motivations vary, with 38% aiming to include more recipients in their gift-giving, up from 34% last year. Additionally, 46% cite rising prices as a reason for increasing their gift budget.  (1) 


So, how do e-commerce operators manage the high-volume orders of Eid al-Adha? 


High-demand challenges due Eid al-Adha 

E-commerce managers in KSA face challenges and opportunities due to increased demand, traffic, customer needs, and environmental issues. AI Solutions like Norma LIVE help them overcome these challenges and make the most of opportunities by improving delivery processes. 


What Is Norma LIVE? 

Norma LIVE is an advanced delivery management system that enhances the entire delivery process. It enables e-commerce businesses to achieve efficient last-mile delivery using dynamic route planning, real-time tracking, and effective order and resource management. Additionally, it equips drivers with a user-friendly app, ensuring maximum efficiency at every step. This innovative solution revolutionizes traditional delivery methods, ensuring logistics managers can effortlessly handle the challenges of peak seasons like Eid-al-Adha. 


But how does this help? 

Planning by Dynamic Routing 

Norma LIVE utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize route planning. With dynamic route planning, Norma LIVE considers factors like traffic, weather, customer preferences, and delivery time Windows. This guarantees that delivery drivers follow the most optimal and economical routes, reducing delays and optimizing resource usage. 

Resource Management 

Efficient management of orders and resources, including vehicles and drivers, is crucial for effective e-commerce operations. Norma LIVE stands out in this area by assisting logistics managers in optimizing resource utilization. It facilitates smooth order and resource management, ensuring that vehicles and drivers are allocated efficiently, thus maximizing overall efficiency 

Live Tracking 

During busy times like Eid al-Adha, having clear visibility is essential. Norma LIVE offers real-time delivery tracking, enabling eCommerce logistics managers to monitor the status and location of every delivery. This transparency meets customer expectations and facilitates prompt decision-making in unexpected situations. 


Machine Learning for Data-Driven Accuracy 

Leverage machine learning for accurate predictions of stopping and driving times based on historical data, enhancing overall accuracy and reliability in planning and eliminating unforeseen obstacles. 



Norma LIVE proves to be an essential companion for eCommerce logistics managers as they tackle the complex challenges of the Eid-al-Adha season in KSA. With its expertise in dynamic route planning, live delivery tracking, and effective order and resource management, Norma LIVE not only satisfies customers' heightened expectations but also enables eCommerce businesses to function with unmatched efficiency. 

Download the whitepaper "5 Tips to Scale Your Last-mile Delivery Operations" and find out several tips for last-mile delivery options you can use to scale your e-commerce business.

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