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Norma LIVE's Impact on E-Commerce Operations During Egypt's Currency Devaluation

E-commerce logistics in Egypt faces numerous challenges, especially worsened by economic factors such as inflation and currency value fluctuations. Lately, the Egyptian currency experienced a significant decline against the US dollar, falling to about 49.5 pounds from 30.9 pounds at Tuesday's close, according to the Egyptian Central Bank. This devaluation stemmed from the country's choice to raise interest rates and let its currency float freely. As reported by

This blog delves into the challenges faced by the last- mile logistics landscape in Egypt and explores how Norma LIVE is turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. 

Statistics on the decline in the value of the pound against the dollar by

Role of AI-Powered Solutions

Amidst these economic upheavals, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative force, offering innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate costs within the industry.  

One such solution gaining prominence in the Egyptian logistics ecommerce is Norma LIVE, a comprehensive intelligent delivery management system.  

Norma LIVE system

Norma LIVE: A Solution Amidst Crisis

Norma LIVE, originating from Europe, has emerged as a strategic solution to address the E-commerce logistical challenges in Egypt. This intelligent delivery management system is designed to optimize the entire delivery process, from dynamic route planning to real-time tracking and efficient order and resource management.


Dynamic routing efficiency

How? The answer is simple…

Dynamic Route Optimization 

One of Norma LIVE's key features is dynamic route optimization, combining AI-driven planning with manual adjustments to cater to specific e-commerce business needs. This approach maximizes delivery efficiency, reduces delivery times, and minimizes fuel costs. The system adapts to real-time factors, ensuring optimal routes are selected to enhance efficiency and minimize expenses. 

Analytics and Reporting for Informed Decision-Making


Norma LIVE provides logistics managers with powerful analytics and reporting tools. By leveraging data-driven insights, managers can make informed decisions that contribute to cost reduction. The system offers real-time visibility into the entire delivery process, allowing for better tracking, monitoring, and proactive decision-making. 

Resource Management Efficiency 

Efficient resource management is another strength of Norma LIVE. The system optimizes the allocation of vehicles, drivers, and other assets, maximizing operational efficiency and reducing costs. By ensuring effective resource utilization, logistics companies can streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.



In conclusion, Norma LIVE a comprehensive intelligent delivery management system designed to enhance the efficiency of the delivery workflow. Its dynamic route optimization, analytics and reporting features, and resource management efficiency are instrumental in reducing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency.

As the e-commerce logistics faces economic challenges, AI solutions like Norma LIVE offer a beacon of hope, turning crises into opportunities for growth and success. With its adaptable features and commitment to excellence, Norma LIVE is contributing to a brighter future for logistics in Egypt.  


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